Straybirds Proud to Support Bethany’s Smile for the Second Time

Earlier this year, we supported Bethany’s Smile with the proceeds from our Spring Sing concert and we are proud to announce that we are holding an auction at our annual Christmas ‘Sparkle Party’, in order to support Bethany’s Smile again!

We were drawn to the charity because of a very inspiring young lady, Bethany Hare, theorigonal_23342who is tirelessly fundraising to to raise a minimum of £300,000 to build Smile Cottage – a holiday/respite home, in Yorkshire, where families can go and spend quality time plus build happy memories, when they are faced with the news that their child has a very short life expectancy. Bethany’s Smile also supports families of poorly children in other ways such as providing computer equipment for children to use if they are in hospital long term and unable to go to school, desks for their bedrooms, insurance for ‘final’ holidays and they also look to fulfil other requests for help for children which are made through hospitals, hospices and social workers.

Each Straybird will be donating a prize to the auction, which has raised over £1000 in previous years. Watch this space to see how much we raised!

Update!  We raised £1575 at our auction with over 20 prizes pledged and auctioned off.  We had everything from a pair of hand knit mittens to family meals to a specially recorded version of a favourite song.  On top of that we had a fabulously sparkly night.

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