Singing For Pleasure

Well, its been a busy few months. We’ve been preparing some material for a fabulous opportunity we were given.  We were included in a weekend choir showcase by Singing For Pleasure in Nuneaton which took place at the beginning of April.  It was a fabulous event, with 17 choirs performing and receiving feedback from two esteemed and well respected adjudicators.

We sang three pieces:

‘Straighten Up an Fly Right’, which is a song written in 1943 by Nat King Cole and Irving Mills but has been sung by a number of people over the years.  Nat King Cole sang the original version, The Andrews Sisters did a cheeky version a few years later and more recently Natalie Cole reprised it.  Its a tricky little number, but very funny and you get to see the Straybirds sass (like that never happens).

‘Steal Away’ is a beautiful gospel standard, full of soulful harmonies and according to Wikipedia was composed by Wallace Willis, Choctaw freedman in the old Indian Territory, sometime before 1862.  We love it because of those harmonies and our lovely Kristy and Jo sing small solos towards the end.

‘Somewhere Only We Know‘ is a well known, and much loved song by Keane from 2004.  Jane and Jennie started us off with a beautiful duo followed by the choir in harmony which goes right through to the end of the song.  We’ve had this piece in the bag for a while, but we really feel as though we kicked it up a notch for the Choir Weekend.

So how did we do?  Well everyone was very complimentary and we got a lot of lovely comments from the other choirs.  We benefited from a tea break right after our set so we came off the stage to our awaiting crowds who were cheered on by tea and cake.

The comments we received from the adjudicators were equally as complimentary.  We were described as cool (and young!), and they liked our singing as well.

Of course no Straybirds weekend away could be complete without a good night out and we certainly had that.  Many thanks to Aaron at The Griffin for rounding off a very memorable night by starring in a very hilarious video explaining why we couldn’t take alcohol off the premises.

Aah choir weekends… never dull.

Look out for an announcement about our summer gig.  We have something a little different planned this time.  All I’ll say at this point is you should dust off your dancing shoes…

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