Gig Review: A Festive Shindig with Musical Mischief

SONY DSCIf the frost was trying to settle around Harrogate’s Church Square on Saturday night then it must have given up, as the usually quiet Stray resonated to heart-warming vocal harmonies, quirky ukulele strumming and the appreciative foot-tapping of a thoroughly entertained audience.

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Straybirds partner with Grand Old Uke of York for Festive Fundraiser

Here’s the official release re our upcoming Xmas gig! Eeep 🙂 [Written by Straybird Kelly Herdrich]

Straybirds partner with Grand Old Uke of York & Christ Church to support Bikes for Tanzania appeal

Straybirds Festive Shindig 2014When 180 bicycles rode through the streets of Yorkshire, they changed the face of the region forever. So it stands to reason that with just 166 bicycles, we can do the same for Tanzania. These bikes won’t be used for a cycling race. Instead, the Bikes for Tanzania appeal will provide bikes to the Diocese of Kagera and rural pastors in the region.

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